A critic of the Graffe Quartet CD, November 2006
(the string quartets by G. Klein, V. Novak and L. Janacek)

...the Graffe Quartet plays all these works with a great understanding, temperament, youthful freshness and ardor, with an excellent synchronization and interesting interpretational style.

Eva Slapanska (The Rozhlas weekly magazine 49/2006)

  Paris, May 2005

The Graffe quartet makes us a proposal of a rich and various program (quartets of Mozart, Janacek and Martinu) which begins by "Kreutzer´s sonata" by Leos Janacek. Former students of Conservatory Brno, from the class of Milos Vacek (primarius of Janacek´s quartet), work here in the field which neither could be more known for them: antiromantic, refined and without concessions, careless of ear-taking. However their vengeanceful, rough and impassionate interpretation emanates portative force, intensity and tenseness.

Simon Corley (Concerto. Net)

  Brno, 25th February 2003

The Graffe Quartet works since 1997 and has already achieved important successes - second prize in the competition " Beethovenuv Hradec" and Leos Janacek Foundation Prize during their participation at the "Sommerakademie" at Reichenau, Germany. During occassional consultations, I had the opportunity to recognize the musical enthusiasm connected with interpretational discipline as well as the working responsibility of all ensemble members. These qualities also characterize all their concert performances within the Brno musical life, where they already have earned a respected position. I sincerely believe that also in the future they will coestablish the good reputation of the Czech chamber music and I wish to them, that their working enthusiasm may find an understanding from the side of the listeners, concert managers and professional organizations.

Adolf Sýkora
professor of the Musical Faculty, Janacek Academy of the Performing Arts, Brno, Czech Republic, a member of the legendary Janacek Quartett formation

  Festival "Moravian Autumn 2001", Brno, Czech Republic:

....Finally Janacek dominated, since both concerts, during which his string quartets were performed, ranked among the most fulfilling both dramaturgically and interpretationally. They were Listy důvěrné (the Intimate Letters, performed on the September 26th 2001 by the Janacek Quartet) .....and the 1st Quartet, performed on the exquisitely sounding "Stage of new talents" ( September 28th, the Graffe Quartet). Both cases can be considered remarkable interpretational enterprises. ...The Graffe Quartet....represents the youngest, ingoing generation of the interprets. His performance of the Janáček 1st Quartet built upon extreme contrasts and very rich colorful nuances and, above that, had a sympathetical certainty and penetrance of the youth. These two interpretational experiences represented a continual line, nevertheless in each case specified by the remarkable individualities of the respective members.

Jindra Bartova (The Musical Perspectives) 12/2001